RM2.70 per litre, what a MAGICAL NUMBER!

Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight
Media statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office  

kos petrol dan komoditi di peringkat global,
telah mengalami kenaikan yang drastik dan subsidi perlu distruktur
semula supaya bantuan dapat diagihkan dengan lebih adil.

Berkuatkuasa esok, 5 Jun 2008, harga petrol akan meningkat sebanyak 78
dan diesel sebanyak RM1.00 setiap liter. Harga baru petrol dan
diesel di pam adalah RM2.70 seliter dan RM2.58 seliter.

     They claim that foreign country’s petrol fee is higher than ours.But, i don’t see the point of comparing our living standard with others.Their government provided better facilities,better public transport,better public toilet etc.How about us? We need to pay for the ‘public toilet’.We enjoy the nice painting and drawings in the bus seat.

    For foreigner, they are apathetic to this issues(petrol price),they boh chap(dun care).For instance, in Singapore, they rely a lot on public transport(buses,MRT,LRT and even FREE shuttle buses).
    How about us? Our Malaysia transport sucks, especially those non-express bus. Maybe you would say we have rapid KL at KL,Nevertheless,for them in rural area,do you
know what kind of buses they took when they have to travel from one
district to another?
     I will be glad if i can have those great politicians to try our so called good bus services in small town, or even rural areas.I believe our Pak Lah will be impressed by the artistics characteristic of our bus passengers as well as their creativity when he aboards the bus and observe the ‘nice drawings’ on the bus seat.I understand that the bus companies have their own rights in constructing and developing their business. But i believe that after so much complaints and insatisfaction reflected to bus company, it is the time for government to do something (amendment), act as the authorities for the people’s sake without incompetency.
     Since our government likes to compare, well, let us compare then. Look at the bus services in Singapore.If you want to compare, ya, our buses are nothing compare to theirs.Our government encourages us to buy national product, especially Protons and Perodua.Nowadays, i can say a lot people posses their own cars.However, how are we going to survive, when the petrol price hiked up sky high?You cant expect our cars to drink water, or even Starbucks coffee.

        We are now in 21st Century.Are we going to travel using buses with standards in 20th century?Let us to be down to the earth. I’ll quote my personal example.My father is a contractor.He needs lorries to move sand, stones and other materials for his construction. Look at the diesel price.Now, he has to pay extra RM1 for each litre.(Current Price=RM2.58)I presume that 1 day he spends RM 100 on the diesel before this. But now, he needs RM 163.Overall,  he needs to pay extra RM2000 every month.To solve this problem, he has to increase the price for the contracts.

      Other than that,the electrical fees has been increased.With all those terrifying raising figures and prices, how are we going to survive with the CONSTANT salaries?How our dear policemen could survive with it?How could you restrict our noble teachers to not to teach tuition?Problems would arise one by one.

     My dear members of parliament who was selected during the last General Election, show us that you are capable of solving problem.Please, produce a plan with the following up  problems before you increase the petrol price.At least, provide better living standards for us, so that we have nothing to say and shut our own mouth.
Written by,Fong Hong Mei
Compiled by,TLSC   

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Photo Source from Sinchew Online

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14 thoughts on “RM2.70 per litre, what a MAGICAL NUMBER!

  1. 将鱼宰

    kanasai …. later oily punya food also need to increase the selling price .
    tmd …… tmd bukan tamadun .. tmd untuk ta ma de ….
    ini untuk person who own the petronas …. kns … u eat less abit can not ar ..

    1. kanazai2001

      关 我 何 事 ?!
      又 不 是 我 把 汽 油 价 抬 高 …
      也 不 是 我 把 收 到 的 燃 油 税 私 吞 掉 …
      我 也 是 受 害 者 呀 …

    2. candyfloss

      perbuatan menaikkan harga minyak sehigga 40++% memang tidak bertamadun


  2. 苏菲亚

    Can somebody think reasonably regarding with this matter?
    Yes, i know , you are irritated with the rising price of petrol, But, what can you do ?

    Instead of just complaining, can anybody give some suggestions on how to overcome this problem? Suggestion is must more better than complaining .

    1. candyfloss

      If you read thoroughly,you would know what I urge for.
      Our people need better facilities and public transports,which the government should put in effort to curb with it.

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